What is the competition in the catering industry?

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Update time : 2019-04-11 17:06:45
As the saying goes, people will only remember the first, the current status of the catering industry, either when the boss eats meat or licks the bones. In such a market, how to open a special restaurant and become the boss of this vertical field?

One: the dishes have characteristics
What is your signature dish, and what are your characteristics? This is a question that customers often ask when ordering food.
A simple understanding is the main product that can represent the image of the restaurant. It is a differentiated product that is different from other restaurants. In other words, when it comes to a certain dish, the first thought that flashes the customer is your restaurant.
Speaking of this, I have to talk about the founding brand of durian pizza, Le Caesar.
Although there are only four types of typical durian pizzas, Le Caesar has given customers a good consumer experience through high-quality materials and high-quality polishing. People think of Le Caesar when they mention durian pizza. A brand can be synonymous with a category, this is success!

Second: the restaurant design has characteristics
The three major factors affecting catering: products, environment, services,
The environment is the first customer feels. In this era of consumer experience, restaurant design will directly affect whether customers choose to eat here or go to the opposite side.

Three: The service is very special
If the meal is just to fill the stomach, then the customer can go to the fast food restaurant, cheap and fast. Then why do they choose to spend time?
Mainly hope to get a higher service. Featured services are more responsive to their needs than standardized dining services. The service content can be changed, but the way the service needs to be changed with the restaurant, the special service can let the customer remember you, this is also the sword to open the market.

Four: Marketing is unique
This aspect is easy to be ignored. Some people may say that the restaurant is the place to eat, the food is delicious, and some people come naturally.
This is 50 years ago, I may agree, but in the current information age, competition between restaurants is no longer a competition on the roadside, and restaurants 10 kilometers away may become your opponent. Marketing may be your menu, perhaps your restaurant design, or your service, or even an interactive approach.

After all, what is the competition in the catering industry? In fact, it is the needs of people. The existence of restaurants is not only to fill the stomach, but also to meet other needs of consumers. Now that the main consumer is 80 and 90, the corresponding plan for this group will allow you to gain more market share in the fierce competition.