Change cater business conditions.

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Update time : 2019-03-13 16:13:51
Change cater business conditions
Do you know what is the herd effect? It refers to people who are often influenced by the majority, and follow the public's thoughts or behaviors, also known as the "congregation effect."

When customers spend shopping, in 80% of the time, they usually don't know what they want to buy. 
This data sounds a little weird, but it is a fact. As long as you think about your consumption process, you know that this data is credible. Do you have this mentality in many cases?

You want to buy a TV, but there are so many TV brands and models, you don't know what kind of TV you want;
You want to buy a pair of shoes. In many cases, you don't know whether you want to be the same as the original style, or change the style.

Similarly, if you go to a restaurant to eat, this uncertainty will appear again and again, you are not sure if you want to eat a fish or a braised pork.

Because of this mentality, if you can fully realize this, then you can create a leader, which affects 80% of the customer's purchase decision.

A Fuzhou student, Mr. Zhang, who is the owner of a restaurant, was very aware of this point and earned thousands of RMB a day with just one sentence. How did he do it?

The restaurant is located in a crowded area, and the boss only posted a striking list of cards in the store. The title is: “The top 7 with the highest rate of ordering”, which lists the 7 names and introductions. Also, on the menu, this leaderboard is also listed. What is particularly interesting is that he added a humorous sentence: "Everyone likes to order these 7 dishes, I don't know why?" After this list is published, these 7 dishes are the first choice for 80% of customers. Not only it is very convenient for the restaurant to sell high-profit dishes, but it is also very convenient for kitchen purchases and chefs to arrange cooking.

The reason for this ranking is the same as the movie charts, music charts, and even Baidu search charts that you often see. Before making a purchase decision, consumers will be willing to refer to the opinions of other consumers and learn from others' choices. Such a ranking can guide consumers to consume and enhance purchasing confidence.